Free Tools/Utilities/Add-Ins

Hello All

From time to time I will create small tools that you can use on a day to day basis. This is the page where you can download them. All these tools/utilities/Add-ins are free to use! For any bugs, contact me via the CONTACT US page and in the subject mention “BUG Reporting – APP Name”.

Handy Code Viewer

Purpose: This is a very simple tool which lets you manage your code snippets. Whether you want to copy a snippet to your program or use it to answer questions in various forums like I do.

How Does It Work: This creates folders in the installation directory depending on the category that you create. The new code is created and saved in text files so this tool is very fast and doesn’t use any third party controls.


This is how the program looks when you launch it after installing.

Setup Files: Handy Code Viewer Setup
A basic help file which tells you about the different options can be downloaded from here.