VBA – Excel Automation

  1. To ‘Err’ is Human
  2. .Find And .FindNext
  3. Control Arrays
  4. Finding Last Row and Last Column
  5. Data Validation–Create Dynamic Dependent Lists (Under Renovation)
  6. Deselect Items in MultiSelect Listbox without looping (Under Renovation)
  7. Allow Paste Special Only (Under Renovation)
  8. Using Save As and keeping Original File and New File open at the same time (Under Renovation)
  9. Check if an Excel File has a Macro (Under Renovation)
  10. Data Validation and Enforcing it to work (Under Renovation)
  11. Scrolling Excel chart in Powerpoint (Under Renovation)
  12. Download Embedded Pdf File In Excel
  13. Excel range with images to Outlook email