• “Siddharth has been my go-to person for all the projects that have made me shine within my department. I work at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and very often cannot wait on our IT folks for solutions because of resource issues, limited budget, etc. Siddharth has been a great teacher, providing me with not only a solid foundation in VB but innovated solutions for problems all while educating me through the process. He is one of the few IT folks that I have worked with that really understands the real world situations and can deliver on the solutions with exceptional turn-around times.”

Jennifer Prashad
Vice President
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

  • “Siddharth Rout is an excellent IT professional with in-depth knowledge of his field and with a great work ethic. He produces quality results in very fast turnaround times, which is why he is our preferred choice for many of our projects.”

Rudolph Muller
MyBroadband founder

  • “I have dealt with many programmers in my career and they all over promised and under delivered. Sid, on the other hand, was able to provide me everything I requested and deliver it to me on time. He is extremely knowledgeable and eager to make my vision a reality with a smile on his face. You cannot find another programmer that will take your ideas, treat them as if they were his own, and return a masterpiece of coding while throwing in a joke here and there.”

Jeff Chaffee

  • “Siddharth has been doing our work for nearly two years now and is highly recommended. No reason to even consider anyone else because he’s our first choice.”

Jim Goode

  • “Sid has been terrific with understanding the problems I have had and finding ways to solve them through innovated excel solutions. This has included integrating third party software with changes requiring regular updating of solutions.”

Justin Grossbard
Media Director

  • “Siddharth is the consummate professional. He has perfected his highly technical trade, yet has the ability to communicate effectively with the ‘technically challenged.’ He is dedicated to his customer’s needs and will go to great lengths to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. Therefore, I am happy to recommend him without reservations.”

Frank Pino